Action News gets first-hand look at what firefighters encounter


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Action News gets first-hand look at what firefighters encounter

By Denise Wong. CREATED Mar 28, 2014

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's not easy being a firefighter. Action News got a feel for what firefighters in North Las Vegas do to keep us safe.

Firefighters showed how it's done using the Jaws of Life and a cutter to pry off a car door. It's what they'd do in a real emergency, to get someone out.

The tools weigh about 65 pounds.

Firefighters handle heavy equipment on a daily basis, and they can't be afraid of heights. Some of their ladders extend to 100 feet, making them the eyes above the people down below.

"We can use our elevated master stream to hit down on the fire with a heavy flow of water as well," said Bryan Wilcox, North Las Vegas firefighter.

But the most intense part of the day involves getting into a building full of smoke, feeling for the walls without being able to see a thing. It's a grueling task, but this is what these firefighters do every day.

The North Las Vegas Fire Department has 151 members. They have eight stations to keep the city's 220,000 residents safe.

Denise Wong

Denise Wong

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