9-year-old stowaway heading back to Minnesota soon

Joyce Lupiani

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

9-year-old stowaway heading back to Minnesota soon

CREATED Oct. 10, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The 9-year-old boy who hopped on a plane from Minnesota to Las Vegas and gained national attention will be heading home soon.

It has been nearly a week since he bypassed airport security and boarded a plane without a ticket and there are still no answers as to how something like that could have happened.

A man claiming to be the boy's father spoke out again Wednesday at a press conference, pleading for help.

He did so while concealing his identity. The name of the boy and his parents has not been released.

A Las Vegas judge ruled on Tuesday that he should be returned to Minnesota and his family.

He is expected to leave the Las Vegas Valley on Friday.