Police still investigating NY biker attack, one charged

Joyce Lupiani

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

Police still investigating NY biker attack, one charged

CREATED Oct. 3, 2013

(KTNV) -- Two people were arrested after that terrifying road rage incident in Manhattan, New York, that was caught on tape. But now some people are saying that it is the SUV driver who is fault.

A group of bikers attacked a man in a SUV after a miles-long chase through the city.

The incident began after Alexian Lien accidentally hit one of the motorcyclists. According to Lien, the bikers then surrounded his Range Rover and began pounding on it and slashing his tires.

Lien took off, running over three bikes and hitting one of the bikers. The group of bikers chased him and eventually caught up with him when Lien became stuck in traffic.

Video of the incident shows one of the bikers smashing the SUV's driver-side window. Witnesses say that the bikers pulled Lien from the SUV and beat him in front of his wife and young child.

The bikers are now speaking out and saying that they were not the attackers and they were just defending themselves.

About a dozen bikers gathered last night at the hospital where one of their own -- Edwin Miese -- is paralyzed and on a ventilator after the violent confrontation.

The family of the biker believes the driver of the SUV is responsible and should pay for he did.

Two of the bikers involved in the incident were arrested after the incident. Christopher Cruz, who prosecutors say instigated the incident, was released on bail.

Allen Edwards was released after prosecutors dropped the charges. However, they say he is not in the clear yet and may file new charges in the future.

The driver of the SUV has not been charged with anything and the police are saying that it appears everything he did was in self defense.

Police are still looking for several bikers that were involved in the incident.

Many of the bikers involved were part of a group known as Hollywood Stuntz. The gathering was part of a planned but unathorized event.

The bikers gather periodically for a ride to Times Square. There were 15 other unrelated arrests and 55 motorcycles confiscated during the rally.