Experts identify new problem caused by social media

Joyce Lupiani

Experts identify new problem caused by social media

CREATED Jul. 25, 2013

(KTNV) -- Using social media can be a great way to pass time or stay in touch with family and friends.

Doctors have identified something that is being called FoMO, which stands for Fear Of Missing Out.

According to the latest study, some social media users become totally obsessed with status checks -- worrying that they might miss a post.

Researchers at the Universities of California, Rochester and Essex found the most obsessed users are more concerned with how many posts they see and not the actual content of the posts.

So, dozens of posts about nothing are actually more satisfying to some rather than just one or two posts about something important.

Some in the study said that a lack of posts by "friends" actually affected their mood.

Posts by friends also made people depressed because they felt like their normal lives could not compare to the more exciting lives that their friends are presenting online.

The study says that some users even admitted going to concerts and such not for the band or entertainment, but just so that they could post about it.

A new survey conducted by revealed that 56% of people suffer from FoMO.

The survey also found that those people would be willing to trade habits such as smoking or reality TV for access to social networking websites.

The idea of FoMO is not new. However,'s survey also found that 51% of people visit or log on more frequently to social networks then they did just two years ago.

That means there are many more people suffering from FoMO now.

Social media does have its benefits but is rapidly becoming a problem for some young adults.

Those young adults are letting it occupy all of their free time and preventing them from engaging in real-world activities.

The latest study is titled "Motivational, Emotional and Behavioral Correlates of Fear of Missing Out." It was released this month.


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