Coroner's report provides details into inmate's death at CCDC

Spencer Lubitz

Coroner's report provides details into inmate's death at CCDC

CREATED Jul. 13, 2013

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- The coroner's report is complete on a man who died at the Clark County Detention Center.

It confirmed Luis Solano was suffocated during a struggle with corrections officers, confirming his family's fears.

His daughter told Action News they want justice for his death, but county officials are making it as difficult as possible.

For four months, Carmen Solano and her attorney, Matthew Callister, have waited for the coroner to determine just how her father Luis died at the CCDC.

But now that they have medical documentation that her father was asphyxiated while police were restraining him, Carmen wants to see the surveillance footage that has haunted her since a sheriff's deputy mentioned there was video of the physical encounter.

"I will always remember those words, 'Your father was a really strong guy, he took on four of my guys.' I said, 'That's not my dad, I don't know who you are talking about, but that's not him.' So the surveillance, that's the first thing I said to Matthew. I need to get my hands on this video," explained Carmen.

Callister said authorities agreed to show him the video just one time. He said it shows Solano trying to get the officers' attention, who then take him to the ground.

Carmen has previously acknowledged her father was in jail for selling illegal drugs, but said she knew him as nothing but a loving dad, who didn't deserve to die.

"He was a proud father, he loved his kids more than anything. He worked hard since he was a child, didn't even get to go to school because he needed to support us," said Carmen.

She knows it's too late to bring her father back, but Carmen wants to make sure those corrections officers are held accountable for what lead to his death.

"I don't think that officers like themselves should be put in those positions again and again, for more people to be hurt," she said.

Callister said he's filed a wrongful death civil suit against the county on behalf of the Solano family. He said he hopes to get the surveillance video released to the public through that case, but criminal charges would be left up to the county.

Action News contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a statement, but they said they couldn't speak about this issue as it's currently under investigation.