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Crews working overtime to contain Carpenter 1 Wildfire

Stacey Gualandi

Photo Courtesy: Carla Volz Diaz

Crews working overtime to contain Carpenter 1 Wildfire

CREATED Jul. 6, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Carpenter One Wildfire continues to burn and it seems to be inching closer to the Las Vegas Valley.

So far, firefighters do not have the fire under control. It's been burning since Monday and has now spread to more than 14,100 acres of land.

Camp Carpenter is set up at a park behind the Community Center in Pahrump; it's a place where mobile food trailers have been set up.

The trailers can provide up to 4,000 meals for the firefighters. They're also provided tents and showers.

Other supplies are also being brought in for the firefighters, such as generators.

They have been working 16 hour shifts, but after 6 p.m. on Saturday, additional firefighters will be brought in, putting the total at more than 600.

Assistance is coming in from Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington and Utah.

The conditions are making the fight difficult for firefighters, but despite the issues, there is some good news. "Between the three communities, there has been no accidents, no injuries, no structures lost at this time. Those are days we can consider success," said Tony Demasters, deputy incident commander.

Four canyons remain closed: Kyle, Lee, Lovell and Trout.

The mandatory evacuation is still in place, however, Las Vegas police are providing escorts for some residents who weren't able to get their pets or medications from their homes.

More than 500 residents have been evacuated.

The recent rain helped slightly, but not enough to contain the fire because of the dry conditions.