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New superintendent outlines goals for district, students

Michael Lopardi

New superintendent outlines goals for district, students

CREATED Jul. 2, 2013
Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The new superintendent of the Clark County School District is wrapping up his first month in the position.

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky sat down with Action News to discuss where he hopes to take the district and its students. He said one of his first goals is to tackle class sizes.

"We are focusing on reducing class sizes, especially at the kindergarten level, and so you'll see some changes in our kindergarten staffing," Skorkowsky said.

The district is anticipating an addition $30 million in funding to hire extra kindergarten teachers, he said. The superintendent also wants to focus on existing programs to improve graduation rates.

"Each building principal and the teachers and staff in that school knows exactly where every one of those seniors is," he said.

Despite initial plans for a national search, the board of trustees eventually chose the 25-year district employee and former assistant superintendent for the job. But he'll face plenty of challenges, including the district's growing population.

"It is a challenge when it comes to facilities," Skorkowsky said. "Some of our buildings are up to 50 years old."

And while talk has once again surfaced about the possibilities of splitting up the nation's fifth largest school district, Skorkowsky said doing so could lead to additional administrative costs.

"It doesn't matter the size. It's what you do within that that students are getting what they need and are successful," he said.