Dogs and other animals should be protected from heat too

Denise Wong

Dogs and other animals should be protected from heat too

CREATED Jun. 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's not only humans that are in danger when the temperature reaches triple digits, animals can be in danger too.

Dogs in particular can't handle the heat as well as people can.

Local vets are advising residents to try and limit their pet's exposure outdoors.

For example, pet owners should walk their dogs as early in the day as possible. And, if your dog needs to go outside, make sure the pet has plenty of shade.

A dog's normal body temperature is somewhere between 101 and 102.5 degrees and a dog can only withstand an abnormally high body temperature for a short time before suffering nerve damage, heart problems, liver damage or death.

Vets say some symptoms of heat-illness in dogs include excessive panting, stumbling and collapsing.

If that happens to your dog, try to cool your pet with wet towels and take them to the vet immediately.

Most importantly, never leave any animal in a car. Not only is it dangerous for your children, it is also dangerous for your pets.

Homeless people are allowed to bring their pets to cooling stations in Las Vegas. However, the cooling stations in Laughlin can not allow pets inside because they are inside food service facilities. But, they are making arrangements for animals outside those stations.


-- If your pet must be outside, provide plenty of shade and water. Make sure water dish is secured to prevent spills.
-- Use a hose to wet down your dog or use a very wet towel to cool down your dog or cat.
-- If your dog likes being in water, buy an inexpensive children's pool for them to lie in.
-- Remember that your pet's paws are sensitive. If it is too hot for you to walk on hot pavement, it is too hot for them to do so.
-- Keep your animal groomed. If your animal has heavy hair, consider shaving it short for the summer. A full shave may not be advisable if they spend a lot of time outside because their skin needs protection from sun rays.
-- Plan for power outages. If your animal stays indoors while you are work, make sure there is a backup plan if power goes out while you are gone. Give a neighbor a key so they can retrieve the animal or open windows if necessary.
-- Leave a fan in a place in your home that your animal can sit in front of.
-- Add ice cubes to your pet's water bowl.
-- Never leave a pet in a car. Even for a few minutes.
-- Take walks in the early morning or evening.