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Las Vegas residents preparing to beat the heat

Las Vegas residents preparing to beat the heat

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Jun 26, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Getting prepared and being safe in extreme heat are the keys to getting through the scorching temperatures.

From people who work in the heat to those who play in it, everyone seems to be getting ready for the season of sweat we're about to embark on.
Firefighters face a whole other "on-the-job" danger when it's hot outside.
"The heat changes the game for firefighters," says Jeff Lytle, the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Henderson Fire Department. "We are totally encapsulated and our gear doesn't breathe, so you get extremely hot, extremely fast."
As a precaution, at every major fire they're called to, a cooling station is set up.
"We'll make sure they get water and that their vitals are taken," Lytle says. "Get them cooled down before we allow them to get them back into a work cycle. It takes more resources, but it's necessary."
But the heat isn't just a worry for people working in the extreme conditions.
"I'm here at Home Depot looking for a new air conditioning unit," says Tyler Steward. "It's a must here. You got to keep cool through summer."
The weather has prompted a mad dash to home appliance stores as people scramble to buy air conditioners, fans, and other equipment to beat the heat.
Then there's the diehards on the diamond, who fight the high temps, for their love of the game.
"Baseball is the love of my life," says one Little League player. "I don't care that it's really hot. I just drink a lot of water."
The coaches of the Paseo Verde All-Stars make sure they take preventative measures.
"The kids are always hydrated," says Coach Ernie Wasano. "That's our first and main priority, to make sure these kids don't get dehydrated. If we do see someone getting disoriented, we'll sit them down, put some cold towels on them."
And the young players on the team are just as aware. 
"Every five minutes they tell us to get some water so we don't get overheated," says one kid.
"Whenever I can, I get in the shade, so I don't have to be so hot in the sun," says another.
On Wednesday, the local health district and NV Energy had a conference call with the city, county and state divisions of emergency management.
They want to make sure all entities are prepared for the heat wave. NV Energy has more power plants going online, and as many as 13 public cooling stations are set to open Friday.