Neighbors react to bomb blast in local community

Victoria Spilabotte

Neighbors react to bomb blast in local community

CREATED Jun. 25, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The garage door of a home near Lake Mead Boulevard and Hollywood was blown off early Tuesday morning.

Police said it was a possible pipe bomb explosion.

The device was placed somewhere in the family's driveway and went off while neighbors were asleep.

"I was sound asleep and at 3:25, I heard a loud 'boom boom boom,'" said neighbor Betty James. "I thought jeez, something blew up around here."

That loud boom not only caused the garage door to crumble, but the door of a red car sitting in the driveway also blew open. The homeowner called police when the device went off, according to Metro's spokesperson.

Metro and federal investigators taped off the area; something neighbors aren't used to seeing.

"There were police, ambulances, fire trucks and people all over the place down there," neighbor Victor Howard said.

It's Metro's policy not to reveal the make-up of an explosive device, but police said the neighborhood is now safe. It's a relief for residents in the low-crime community.

"It's crime free pretty much," said Howard.

Police are conducting a post-blast investigation to learn more about the device and who might have planted it.