CCSD may reverse policy on personal phones, iPads in class

Rikki Cheese

CCSD may reverse policy on personal phones, iPads in class

CREATED Jun. 24, 2013

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- The Clark County School District may reverse its current policy and let students take their own smartphones, iPhones and tablets into classrooms next fall.

The district already distributes iPads to students at five low-income schools, but that program costs $2.5 million.
Officials believe allowing kids to bring their own electronic devices will help save money and expand the use of technology in the classroom.
The head of the teacher's union said his members agree. According to CCEA President Ruben Murillo, "When technology first came into the classroom there was a lot of resistance. Are iPads going to take teachers out of jobs? Is it going to provide students really with an education that they need? And it's actually just a tool. It's a tool with which to deliver instruction. And for the teachers that are using them a lot of them are really excited about it."
The proposal to expand the use of technology is still in the planning stages.  
CCSD staff will examine the proposal over the summer, and hope to have a new policy by this fall.