Immigration rallies target Congressman Heck in Henderson

Immigration rallies target Congressman Heck in Henderson

By Denise Wong. CREATED Jun 24, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- About four dozen people rallied for comprehensive immigration reform Monday morning.

But they were on two very different sides of the issue.

One group said everyone deserves an equal chance to become a U.S. citizen and they said deportation hurts families by tearing them apart.

The other group said the U.S. needs stricter immigration laws.

They rallied outside of Republican Congressman Joe Heck's office on Eastern and Pebble.

"Congressman Joe Heck voted to unfund the Deferred Action Program, which puts undocumented youth at risk of deportation and he also made a video reiterating that he thinks dreamers should be deported because they're undocumented by no fault of their own so we just wanted to let him know that is simply unacceptable," said Laura Martin, a demonstrator with Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.

"If they came and broke the laws, it's not our fault," said Ingrid Serina, a Heck supporter who said the country needs stricter immigration reform laws. "They should go back to their home country and they should do the process legally."

The demonstrations were fairly peaceful and lasted less than an hour.

Congressman Heck's communications director, Greg Lemon, said the representative could not be there because he was attending a military duty in Washington, D.C.  but that he remains fully engaged in tracking legislative developments on this issue in both the House and Senate.  

The congressman did have staff show up at the protests to hand out forms for people on both sides of the debate to fill out that would be read.

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