EDC preparations are underway for traffic & safety enforcement

Victoria Spilabotte

EDC preparations are underway for traffic & safety enforcement

CREATED Jun. 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's a festival with lights and music where party-goers dance all night long, but this year's Electric Daisy Carnival is hyped as bigger and better than last year's festival.  

"The music and the partying -- it's going to be great to be surrounded by people who are like us," party goer Tony Bahamundi said. He and his friend Mike Lieu got into town Thursday afternoon fresh off a road trip all the way from Chicago to Las Vegas for EDC. 
"It's just us, none of our friends could go, they're all married," Bahamundi said. They're here to party with all the other 300,000 plus attendees, but it's Las Vegas police tasked with making sure everyone parties safely. 
"We want to make sure that everyone who shows up at the event enjoys themselves," Lt. Robert Plummer said. "Parties responsibly and has a good time," he added.
Four hundred Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers will work crowd control and security at the festival where party-goers have the chance to give up their drugs in an amnesty box.  
"Those that are entering the venue and they forgot that they have narcotics in their possession that's the last chance to put that in the amnesty box," Plummer said. "They will not be prosecuted or arrested."
Attendees are also encouraged not to drive to the festival. After last year's traffic nightmare, more cabs and shuttles are available this year for rides. The shuttle provider sold 35,000 shuttle tickets to attendees to catch the bus at a dozen stops. 
"If we get a cab, it's probably going to cost a fair amount of money," party-goer James Warren said. "We're over here on a budget so we would rather spend money on booze and party it up."
The festival starts Friday after the sun goes down around 8 p.m.