Car burglaries on the rise throughout Las Vegas

Katie Crowther

Car burglaries on the rise throughout Las Vegas

CREATED Jun. 12, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Las Vegas police said the hot weather is prompting a recent spike in auto burglaries. To make things worse, the car owners are actually helping to make it easier for thieves.

A handful of Metro area commands in the north and south Valley have seen an uptick in auto burglaries and break-ins, as a result of cars being left running with keys in the ignition or windows left open.

"We have some very opportunistic and ingenious criminals. And any opportunity, even a small fraction of an inch of opening in that window, gives them a great opportunity to utilize some of the tools that they have to make entry into the car very, very quickly," said Metro Captain David O'Leary.

It's also important to not leave anything valuable within sight in your car.

Take it out or lock it in your trunk.