Energy tips can help save on power bill

Energy tips can help save on power bill

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jun 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The recent heat wave may have you running your air conditioner non-stop and you are probably dreading the next power bill.

There are a couple of things that you can do though to minimize the damage to your wallet.

The experts say that you should set your temperature as high as you can tolerate and bump it more when you're not home.

Also, make sure that no lamps or electronics are giving off heat near the thermostat.

Other tips include not using the oven. Instead, use your microwave or cook outside on a grill.

Finally, don't run the dishwasher or washing machine unless it's a full load.


I shut the air off on the side of the house we aren't on during the day and I keep all my blinds closed during the day -- Shanna Gill Baker

Have fans on when you cut your AC off to maintain the cooler temp -- Smitten Smitty

Get on the EPP Plan. It works. -- Dave Harris

Manual vents can be closed in the rooms that are not occupied during the daytime like bedrooms. That forces more air to the rooms you are using. Just be sure not to close them in the room where your thermostat is! I leave my air set at 80 degrees. You will get used to it! -- Mark Lewswander

We have a programmable thermostat and keep it at 79 when we're here and 83 when we're not. And we use ceilings fans and pedestal/table fans when necessary! -- Carmen R. Andrews

Stay at work longer -- Steve Robinson

If u close vemt in a room u r not using it makes the ac run harder, never close all the way. get a bucket of water, burlap material, soak material, pin over non occilating fan, leaving end of material in water. works as a swamp cooler effect. -- Hope Edmonson-Botello

I keep the stat set at 83 degrees and block out curtains on every window with the blinds closed, ceiling fans going. It looks like a cave in here and we live like vampires moving around only at night but I'm NOT paying $900 a month for AC during the summer. -- Rosemary Gregorec

If you can afford it, get new windows, and add insulation to the attic! We did both last year and our bills went down. Best "investment" ever! It stays cooler in our house, and the a/c doesn't come on nearly as much as it used to. -- Donielle Hall

Get a smaller place to live -- Michael Jorgensen

If you can afford it, get new windows, and add insulation to the attic! -- Donielle Hall

Putting a bucket of ice in front of the fan is another swamp cooler effect -- Lisa Waldschmidt

Joyce Lupiani

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