Police warning of increased iPad thefts in the Valley

Katie Crowther

Police warning of increased iPad thefts in the Valley

CREATED Jun. 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It has been three weeks since 15-year-old Marcos Arenas was dragged by an SUV and killed.

It happened when two men attempted to steal his iPad.

Investigators with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it is a growing trend in the Las Vegas Valley and the thefts are now being orchestrated with the help of the Internet.

Action News was first to tell you about kids being targeted for their school-issued iPads.

Police have been warning kids and parents about the danger of carrying expensive technology out in the open.

Now they are warning everyone to be aware of a new means of attack via the Internet.

People selling iPads on websites like craigslist are the new focus.

Investigators say thieves are pretending to be interested buyers and setting up meetings with sellers.

Police say the meeting spot is usually in the area of Arville and Penwood. Often in a convenience store parking lot or in front of an apartment complex.

Detectives have arrested on man for such a robbery and are actively looking for more suspects.

The challenge is that evidence can be hard to trace.

The thieves often barter or trade the iPads shortly after stealing them.

Police do have some advice. If you ever sell something to someone on a website bring someone else with you when you meet the buyer. There is power in numbers.

Also, set the meeting spot for a place where you feel comfortable -- in a well-lit, public place preferably with security cameras.

And, for everyone with an iPad or iPhone, write down the gadget's serial number in a safe place.

That will help police track it if the item is stolen.