City leaders hopeful North Las Vegas can avoid takeover

City leaders hopeful North Las Vegas can avoid takeover

By Tina Patel. CREATED May 31, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The City of North Las Vegas is on the verge of a financial crisis, but now there is a possibility of a state takeover.

City officials say that's a last resort. They're optimistic that they can find a way to balance their own budget, without the state getting involved. Residents are hoping they're right. 

If the city can't find a way to balance its budget, assembly speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick said the state may have to take over. 

"That sounds worrisome in some ways, but I think we should let time play itself out and see what happens there," said Derek Eustice, a North Las Vegas resident.

Jeff Hurley, the president of the North Las Vegas Firefighters Union, agrees. He's been watching budget negotiations in Carson City, and he thinks progress is being made. Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick is spearheading an effort to tap into available water and sewer funds.

"I do feel optimistic," Hurley said. "I think the North Las Vegas delegation has really stepped up and they're trying to facilitate finding funding sources.' 

If the state can't sort out its budget, places like public parks could be impacted. 

Library hours have already been cut. 

Just last year, the city declared a state of emergency so they wouldn't have to honor agreements with the firefighters and police officers' unions. That led to a lawsuit, and a settlement still hasn't been reached. 

Hurley said there's no longer any animosity.

"This is a new day for North Las Vegas," Hurley said. "The healing process is there. We have to put citizens first, we have to provide a level of service that's adequate for them and I think that's the direction everyone is heading."