Officer who shot Stanley Gibson faces termination

Spencer Lubitz

Officer who shot Stanley Gibson faces termination

CREATED May. 31, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The officer who shot and killed Stanley Gibson in 2011 is now facing termination, Metro Sheriff Doug Gillespie announced Friday.

The officer, Jesus Arevalo, fired the shots that killed Gibson in December of 2011.

Gibson, a Gulf War veteran, was unarmed and sitting in a vehicle. His wife said he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, which caused him to behave erratically.

"I agree there were critical missteps regarding communications, tactical coordination and overall command and control of the incident," said Sheriff Gillespie.

Arevalo will go before a formal termination board before anything is made official.

Regardless of the board members' decision, Sheriff Gillespie will have the final say in whether Arevalo stays or goes.

"I think he's going to let that officer go, because he has a re-election coming up and if he doesn't, he knows this will be a thorn in his backside," expressed Steve Sanson, Veterans in Politics.

Sanson is not only working to see Arevalo stripped of his badge over the Gibson death, he wants to see that the sheriff is out of a job as well.

It appears as though Arevalo isn't going down with a fight. An email went out to all members of Metro's police union, from their legal counsel, promising they will, "mount a vigorous defense for Officer Arevalo."