Contact 13 helps mother after birthday party food fiasco

Contact 13 helps mother after birthday party food fiasco

CREATED May. 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's important that every detail is just right when planning a party. But one Valley mom said she ran into a major issue during her son's birthday, so she called Contact 13's Call for Action volunteers for help.

"Everybody likes pizza -- cheese pizza, pepperoni pizzas," says Jannel Banks.

But not even her son, 4-year-old Zamir, would eat this pizza. The birthday boy and all his friends ended up going home hungry. 

"It wasn't appealing at all. It was hard, cold," said Jannel. "It looked like it had been cooked the night before." 

That's not how she envisioned her son's birthday party going. She decided on a location back in April that would take care of everything for her. All she had to do was pick the food. 

"We only had the option of three caterers, and so we selected one of the caterers," said Jannel.

Jannel agreed to pay nearly $900, putting down half of that as a deposit. 

The $445 balance was due after the event. 

But Jannel said she wasn't about to pay them anything more after receiving cold pizzas. 

"It was very embarrassing with the way the food looked," she said. "We suggested 'can we do a quick pizza place that will deliver?' and they said no."

Jannel made it clear to management she didn't think she should have to pay for their bad service. 

"They weren't budging," she said. "They said 'you have to pay us the remaining balance.'"

With nowhere else to turn, Jannel said she picked up the phone and called Contact 13's Call for Action volunteers. 

It took a couple weeks of negotiating, but our volunteers helped work out a deal. In the end, Jannel only ended up paying half the remaining balance, saving her more than $200.

"You guys were able to help me. Other than that, I would have been very bitter," said Jannel. "Without Channel 13, I would probably end up in small claims court."