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Authorities step up traffic patrols on Memorial Day

Molly Waldron

Authorities step up traffic patrols on Memorial Day

CREATED May. 27, 2013

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Local law enforcement wants us to think about being safe behind the wheel this Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day Weekend is the start of what's known as the "100 Deadliest Days of Summer." 

The most drunk driving crashes happen during this time. Authorities say that's because of all the summer parties, graduations and young people out of school.

We all know not to get behind the wheel if we've been drinking, but the executive director of Stop DUI wants people to really think about that this weekend. That includes being aware of other drivers on the road who may be impaired.

"Every 31 minutes, someone is killed in an alcohol-related crash. Every two minutes someone is injured," said Sandy Heverly. "We've made some great strides over the years, but that's of little consolation to those who are still suffering at the hands of people who chose to drive under the influence." 

Expect to see more officers out on the roads on Monday, working to make sure drivers are being safe.