New Wet 'n' Wild water park is ready to open

Rikki Cheese


New Wet 'n' Wild water park is ready to open

CREATED May. 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Starting this Saturday, Southern Nevada will have a water theme park once again. 

Miles from the old Wet and Wild that closed on the Las Vegas Strip in 2004, a new park is getting ready to open in the Southwest part of the valley near the 2-15 Beltway and Sunset.
For locals who grew up with the park that kept families cool for 25 years, getting back into the swim of things can't come soon enough.
From about 70 to 100 bucks a head, golden and season passes aren't cheap but fans who lined up for hours on Monday to get passes ahead of opening day, a chance to relive their childhood in a new $50 million dollar water park, is priceless.
Brett Hayes had her toddler twins with her in line. She said, "I remember being maybe in the fourth or fifth grade, and I just had a blast. So I'm  hoping they have some good memories here too."
Sean Smith hopes his son will share his memories too.  He said the experience was ""Awesome. Every weekend. All day. As long as I could 'till they kicked me out. It was the greatest. The greatest thing ever."
The new park on 41 acres along South Fort Apache has a lot rides locals will remember and many new ones, including the Rattler. It's an extreme ride that's the first of its kind in the United States.
Olivia Norander is too young to remember the first park, but she's excited about the new one.  She said, "I hope it's more fun than all the casino pools. Something new to check out."
The Australian-based company that owns Sea World built the project, but proceeds from some of the rides pre-opening weekend will benefit the Andre Agassi Foundation. 
Former tennis champs, Agassi and his wife Steffi Graff, are among the local investors. Opportunity Village will benefit from some proceeds too. You can get those tickets on eBay.
Sean Smith said it doesn't matter that the new park is far from the Las Vegas Strip.  He said, "Absolutely not. I'll drive that 20, 25 minutes absolutely. Just to enjoy it."
Gold pass holders can begin enjoying Wet 'n' Wild on Memorial Day Weekend.  They'll be joined by season pass holders the following week through June 2ND. The park opens to the general public on June 3.