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Two bats test positive for rabies in Clark County

Krista Hostetler

Two bats test positive for rabies in Clark County

CREATED May. 17, 2013

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- The Southern Nevada Health District has confirmed that two bats recently tested positive for rabies in the Clark County area.

Health officials said this is not unusual because of the bat population in the area. But they want to warn people that if they see bats flying around during the day or flopping around on the ground, do not come in contact with them, as they may be infected.

One of the bats that tested positive for rabies was found by kids, as it was flopping around on the ground.

Their mother brought the bat to a veterinarian's office, and tests came back positive for rabies.

The SNHD then tracked down the children to make sure they had not been bitten. But, the kids were not infected.