Hathorne's death discussed under police fatality fact-finding review

Molly Waldron

Hathorne's death discussed under police fatality fact-finding review

CREATED May. 10, 2013

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You can hear through radio transmissions that the events that led up to the death of 39-year-old Daniel Hathorne last November were dramatic. According to testimony in Friday's police fatality fact-finding review, Hathorne broke into an apartment at the Siegel Suites on Cambridge after failing to pay rent. 

When police responded, he grabbed a woman in her sixties and put a knife to her throat. Officers shot and killed him when he failed to let her go. Those officers did not testify, but a detective with Metro's homicide unit did. 

"In this circumstance, the taser is not really an option because of the position he had the victim in," the detective.

The detective was questioned by Mark Bailus, who was appointed by the County to act on behalf of the victim's family, who lives out of state. 

"I thought it went well," Bailus said. "It's not supposed to be an adversarial proceeding." 

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak agreed. 

"Because the DA decides not to prosecute, this is to basically give the public an insight into how and why they arrived at that decision," Sisolak said. 

This was the second fact-finding review by the county, and there was a lot less people watching this time around. 

"We were surprised there weren't more people here, quite frankly," said Sisolak. "I thought there would be a few more people here." 

Sisolak said those who did watch should be satisfied with what they saw.

"It's clearly better than the system we had," he said. "A lot more is coming out, in my opinion."