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Firefly permanently closes old Paradise location after salmonella outbreak

Victoria Spilabotte

Firefly permanently closes old Paradise location after salmonella outbreak

CREATED May. 10, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's a fresh start for the Firefly on Paradise. A new restaurant is under construction next door to the one still shut down from a massive salmonella outbreak. 

"At a permitted food establishment this is something in the history I've been here it's the biggest I've been involved in with," Amy Irani, Southern Nevada Health District, said. 
In the latest health report released Friday the number of salmonella cases has doubled to 200 people sick with symptoms. The health district can't pinpoint the source of the outbreak and may never know where it came from. 
"We are kind of stuck with the idea at this point that we don't know how the salmonella was introduced into the facility," Dr. Nancy Williams, Southern Nevada Health District, said. 
It's likely the salmonella spread through cross-contamination inside Firefly's small kitchen where health inspectors found employees not washing their hands. 
As part of its agreement with the health district Firefly must follow a series of recommendations before it can reopen. The restaurant must hire a food safety consultant, retrain employees on food handling and keep detailed logs of food storage. 
Firefly has permanently closed the old restaurant on Paradise and will reopen at its new location. The Health District will inspect the restaurant more frequently when it opens. 
In a statement to Action News, Firefly owner John Simmons said "We are optimistic that the combination of moving to this new location and the recommended retraining on operations and procedures will help us regain the confidence in the community."