Employees participate in evacuation drill at North Las Vegas City Hall

Denise Wong

Employees participate in evacuation drill at North Las Vegas City Hall

CREATED May. 8, 2013

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Emergency responders want to make sure that the city leaders and employees in North Las Vegas are prepared in case there is ever a threat to city hall.  

The North Las Vegas Fire Department held its first evacuation drill in the new building on Wednesday morning.

City employees didn't know it was going to happen that morning at 9:00am, but they had been trained earlier this year on what to do if there ever was an evacuation.   When the building alarm went off, people started exiting the nine-story building within seconds.

The employees had to use four stairwells to exit.  As they were trying to leave, firefighters were at the end of the stairwells, monitoring the orderliness of their evacuation.  The more than 200 city hall workers walked outside and gathered in the areas that were designated for them.   

Fire Capt. Cedric Williams said it took less than six minutes for everyone in the building to get out and get to their assigned location.  He was impressed with the timing.  He said, with so many incidents going on all across the country, you never know what could happen and he wants to make sure people in North Vegas City Hall are prepared in case there's ever a threat here.

Capt. Williams says that he will review the notes made during the drill and see if there is anything that needs to be worked on in the future.