Lifestyle clauses gaining popularity in prenuptial agreements

Jessica Janner

Lifestyle clauses gaining popularity in prenuptial agreements

CREATED May. 1, 2013

(KTNV) -- Prenuptial agreements are nothing new. Most involve some sort of cash settlement if the relationship ends in divorce.

But now, there is a new trend -- lifestyle clauses. The lifestyle clauses set terms regarding behavior of the parties involved in a relationship. And those clauses often have fines attached.

Examples include a wife that enjoys music but a husband that does not. So, there is no piano playing while the husband is home.

Another example is a husband who is not a fan of certain color and demands that his wife not wear anything that is green.

Or, the man or woman dictates a weight limit and imposes a fine if that weight limit is exceeded.

Another example is a man who said that his wife could not cut her hair.

Other couples have asked for things such as random drug tests, custody of a taxidermy horse and guarantees for the number of love-making sessions every week.

The question is -- are these contracts legal?

It depends on the relationship status. Lawyers say that the lifestyle clauses will be much harder to enforce for couples who are just dating.