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Keith Goldberg's family finds closure after crews find his remains

Spencer Lubitz

Keith Goldberg's family finds closure after crews find his remains

CREATED Apr. 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- After more than a year of searching, the family of cab driver Keith Goldberg finally has some closure as a local search and rescue team finds his remains.

Goldberg went missing at the beginning of 2012. Ever since then, his family and dozens of locals spent thousands of hours looking for him.

Two people are already behind bars accused of killing Goldberg, but his body had never been located.

After Las Vegas police stopped looking, Red Rock Search and Rescue stepped in, promising the Goldberg family they would not give up until they found him. Exactly one year later, they came through on their promise.

"To do that kind of duty where you don't quit. Where you see it all the way through. It doesn't get better than this," said Dave Cummings, commander of Red Rock Search and Rescue.

The volunteers at Red Rock Search and Rescue spent a year combing through the desert terrain, climbing through mountains, searching for the body of Goldberg.

"We've been at this for a year, the Goldberg family has become our family," said Cummings.

Clues led them to the 8-mile road exit near Lake Mead, but it took six months to obtain the necessary permits to search the area. Once they received the permits, it took them only two hours to find Goldberg's body.

For Goldberg's family, the discovery of his remains brought some long-awaited closure.

"We needed to know, and closure is such an important part of the process, and not having it for 15 months was horrible," expressed Jodi Goldberg.

Goldberg's sister Jodi believes Keith would have never been found if not for the tireless efforts of Red Rock Search and Rescue.

"It's RRSAR that made that happen, and I want to make that so clear to everyone in Las Vegas. They're the ones that made it happen," said Jodi.

"This is the highlight of my career. We took a case that was literally a needle in a haystack, and all the members believed in it and believed in each other and we made it happen," said Cummings.

The group of volunteers at Red Rock Search and Rescue used their own training, resources and skills to locate Keith Goldberg.

The group runs entirely off donations and said they're always looking for more financial help or volunteers to keep their efforts going.

It was just over a year ago when police arrested Goldberg's ex-girlfriend and her estranged husband for his murder. They are Christopher and Georgene Ross.

They are still in custody facing murder charges and conspiracy to commit the murder of Goldberg.

A police report showed Ross' husband, Christopher, got into a fight with Goldberg on the last night anyone saw him alive.

Even though at the time, no one had found Goldberg's body, the district attorney's office went ahead with the charges against the couple.