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Tourists are targets of thieves at local hotels

Tourists are targets of thieves at local hotels

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Apr 25, 2013
Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some Las Vegas tourists expect to lose thousands gambling inside the casino, but if they're not careful they could also get ripped off inside their hotel room. 
"The whole incident was just shocking," Las Vegas tourist, John Hueslkamp, said. "We tell people this and you should see the look on their face...like really?"
Huelskamp, an Ohio tourist, told Action News his story via Skype. He said that he and his fiance were staying at the Luxor and while they were sleeping a thief walked right into their room. It's crime police call "door pushing" and it can happen at any hotel.  
"Thieves can walk down a hallway and just by slightly pushing on a door can determine those rooms that are left unsecured," Officer Laura Meltzer, Metro, said. 
The couple took a photo of the door they thought closed behind them. There is no dead bolt and after a long road-trip to Las Vegas they went to bed thinking they were safe. 
"We went to bed, we know at 1:26 a.m. because we watched a movie on the iPad that was later stolen," Huelskamp said. "It was no further than six inches away from my beautiful wife's head."
Police don't know how often door pushing happens because they get hundreds of reports of burglaries every day. But just days after the couple's stuff was stolen from the Luxor, police arrested two men for a similar crime at Excalibur.
This time police paperwork indicated the thieves held the victims in the bathroom and stole their stuff. Hueslkamp think it's tied to his case and said the hotel should be responsible for what's stolen. 
After this happened and even in travels today I am still a little weary about staying in a hotel no matter where we are," he said. 
The Luxor sent Action News a statement that reads "We are sorry for the Hueslkamp's unfortunate experience. Our resorts have extensive security and surveillance systems in place but there is no substitute for being alert. Even on vacation, guests should always remain aware of their surroundings and ensure their hotel room doors are securely closed and locked at all times."
Victoria Spilabotte

Victoria Spilabotte

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Victoria Spilabotte is the weekend anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas, as well as a general assignment reporter.