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Alleged pimp accused of beating up prostitutes

Molly Waldron

Alleged pimp accused of beating up prostitutes

CREATED Apr. 25, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- An alleged pimp was arrested this week after investigators said he beat up prostitutes who were working for him. 

Arman Izadi was arrested Wednesday morning and booked at the Clark County Detention Center after a lengthy investigation.

According to his arrest report, Izadi met a young woman at XS Nightclub last year. She was looking for a job as a paralegal, and he convinced her to start working as a prostitute in the meantime. He promised she could make good money and even pay for law school. 

The woman reportedly made Izadi $20,000 to $30,000 on Halloween weekend, and continued to bring in large sums of money as she continued to work for Izadi.

Eventually, she became tired of the lifestyle and expressed to Izadi and other prostitutes he allegedly employed that she wanted to leave the business.

Izadi reportedly became angry and their arguments led to multiple instances of domestic assault.

According to Izadi's arrest report, that violence escalated into a particularly brutal attack on the prostitute in December. That's when Izadi allegedly tried to strangle the woman, hit her, ran scalding water from a shower on her and left her with bruises and scratches.

Izadi is also accused of forcing the woman to withdraw money from her bank account and to get his name tattooed in Farsi on her neck.

When police eventually interviewed the woman, they said she had several bruises, scratches and swelling.

Police conducted a search warrant Wednesday at his residence on 2700 South Las Vegas Boulevard, where Izadi moved in January.

While conducting the search warrant, police interviewed a second prostitute who said Izadi had also been violent towards her. She claimed he once strangulated her with his hands in front of company, dragged her into another room and threw her in a pool. 

Izadi was taken into custody and now faces several charges including pandering an adult with force, transporting an adult for prostitution, battery coercion with force, domestic battery with strangulation, accepting earnings of a prostitute and extortion.