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Nevada Senate passes gay marriage resolution

Kim Powell

Nevada Senate passes gay marriage resolution

CREATED Apr. 22, 2013

Carson City, NV (AP) -- The Nevada Senate took a step toward legalizing gay marriage with a near party-line vote to repeal the state's heterosexual definition of marriage.

The resolution was approved on a 12-9 vote late Monday night.

Senate Joint Resolution 13 repeals a constitutional provision enacted by voters in 2002. It also declares that Nevada recognized all marriages, regardless of gender.

It will now go to the Assembly. If passed by lawmakers this year and in 2015, it would go to voters in 2016 for ratification.

Many Republicans in the Senate said they endorsed the original version of the resolution, which called only for repealing the Protection of Marriage Act defining marriage between one man and one woman.

They objected to expanding the measure to sanction same-sex marriage.