Local Boston Marathon runners react to suspect's capture

Victoria Spilabotte

Local Boston Marathon runners react to suspect's capture

CREATED Apr. 19, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It was a long flight home from Boston for Dr. Derek Meeks who spent the week on the East Coast after running the Boston Marathon. His marathon medal, has a whole new meaning. 

"I mean not many people can say they dodged a bomb," Meeks said. "Maybe dodged a bullet, but not a bomb."

On Monday, about 30 seconds after crossing the finish line, Meeks said he heard the first bomb go off and then a second bomb. 

"I heard a big explosion and you could feel it, it shook me," Meeks said. "I looked back and I couldn't see the crowds but I could see a puff of white smoke."
Instead of coming home to Las Vegas, Meeks and his wife went on with their Boston vacation as police locked down the city hunting for two suspects. 
"We really couldn't go out and do the tourism thing last night or today before we left at three o'clock," Meeks said. 
He and his wife were in the air on their way to Las Vegas when they go the news police finally found the second suspect.
"They are just monsters and they caused so many people pain," Meeks said. "I'm thrilled for the Boston people they caught those guys."
Meeks said Bostonians showed real resilience this week and it's that spirit that inspires him to run the marathon again next year. 
"After that I'm determined to go back next year and do it all over again," he said.