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Laws regarding pedestrians could soon change in Nevada

Molly Waldron

Laws regarding pedestrians could soon change in Nevada

CREATED Apr. 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Lawmakers in Carson City are trying to come up with a way to stop fatal pedestrian crashes. 

They introduced a bill Friday that would change some of the rules of the road in Nevada.

Lawmakers want to make sure more people are taking crosswalks seriously.

Senator Mark Manendo introduced the bill and many local leaders are behind it.

"We believe that SB 179 provides a clear understanding of what's required by pedestrians and motorists," said Angela Castro with the RTC.

Key highlights include: 

  • Requiring drivers to stop rather than just yield at crosswalks.
  • If there's a pedestrian crossing, requiring drivers to stay stopped until that person is off your half of the road completely.
  • It would require people crossing the street to use a crosswalk if there's one within 200 feet.

Already this year, 15 pedestrians have been hit and killed in Clark County. That's an increase over last year.