State lawmakers discussing pedestrian safety bill

Katie Crowther

State lawmakers discussing pedestrian safety bill

CREATED Apr. 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- So far in 2013, pedestrian fatalities in Clark County stand at 14, which is four more compared to the same time last year. Pedestrian fatalities were up 40 percent in Clark County in 2012.

Senate Bill 179, which deals with pedestrian and bicycle safety, will be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on April 5. The hearing in Carson City will be available via video-conference at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas.

This bill would make several changes to Nevada Revised Statutes including:

-- Change Nevada from a "Yield State" to a "Stop State" when pedestrians are crossing the half of the roadway you are traveling on.

-- Allow pedestrians to legally cross the street if they are more than 200 feet away from a marked or unmarked crosswalk, as long as they do not alter a motorists forward motion. But pedestrians who are within 200 feet of the crosswalk, must use the crosswalk.

-- Allow entities to establish "Pedestrian Safety Zones" where foot and bike traffic is high. Those designated zones will have reduced speed limits and require larger penalties if you don't follow the speed limit.

-- Increases the penalty for drivers who overtake or pass a vehicle, stopped at a marked or unmarked crosswalk. But it allows for the driver to reduce their fine by attending an education class offered by traffic safety advocates.

-- Mandates no U Turns in all active school zones, and further prohibits motorists from passing other vehicles in a school zone.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Mark Manendo at the request of the Pedestrian Education and Legislation Task Force and the Strategic Highway Safety Plan Pedestrian Education Committee.