Couple reunites with missing cat after 13 years

Molly Waldron


Couple reunites with missing cat after 13 years

CREATED Apr. 4, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A couple is happy to have their beloved pet back after their cat disappeared 13 years ago.

Elizabeth and Dante Corso used to live in Las Vegas. One day, they let out their cat Bandit, and he never came back. Now, they live in San Diego.

They received a surprising call from the Bonanza Cat Hospital, notifying them Bandit was found safe in Las Vegas by someone who lived near their old neighborhood. A microchip allowed them to find Bandit's owners.

The Corsos rushed back to Las Vegas to be reunited with Bandit. 

"You wonder where he's been all this time and what's happened to him," said Elizabeth.

When Bandit disappeared, the Corsos searched for days for their cat, putting up flyers and scouring the area. They gave up hope until the phone call came in just this Tuesday.

"How could you not be surprised?" said Dante.

The Corsos used to live right around the corner from Bonanza Cat Hospital. The workers there said Bandit was found in a backyard nearby. They scanned him for a microchip and contacted Elizabeth and Dante.