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Sheldon Adelson testifies in Las Vegas contract lawsuit

Sheldon Adelson testifies in Las Vegas contract lawsuit

CREATED Apr. 4, 2013

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Casino billionaire and GOP super-donor Sheldon Adelson is due to return to the stand Friday in a breach of contract lawsuit.

He is being sued for $328 million by a Hong Kong businessman.

But, he recollection on Thursday about events that happened several years ago was a little spotty.

Richard Suen, the man suing Adelson, claims that he cut him out of business deals in Macau after he helped the Las Vegas Sands secure a gaming license.

But Adelson testified on Thursday that wasn't true and pulled out a series of books and pamphlets to show the jury that he was qualified to get the license on his own.

But, the move almost cost Adelson the trial.

Suen's attorney wanted the judge to declare a mistrial, saying Adelson's behavior is preventing them from having a fair trial.

The judge decided to move forward with testimony.