Crews conclude search through rubble at Key Largo Casino

Marco Villarreal

Crews conclude search through rubble at Key Largo Casino

CREATED Mar. 31, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Clark County firefighters are still at work after a fire erupted Thursday afternoon at the Key Largo Casino.

They continue to search for anyone who may have died inside the vacant hotel.

The building is now ready for demolition, but it before that happens, crews had to make sure no one was trapped inside where the fire started.

In order to search through the rubble, firefighters had the help of cadaver dogs.

"We just wanted to make sure the area was clear of any people before any demolition took place," said Justin Evans, Clark County Firefighter.

No one was found in the search, and now the Clark County Fire Department is moving out to let the demolition process begin.

Flamingo eastbound, before you get to Paradise, will continue to run as two lanes.

It likely will not open up again until after Tuesday, but even then, they could close down lanes again as construction crews move in to take the structure down.

Damage to Key Largo was estimated at $4.5 million.