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Sloan Channel bug problems blamed on cleanup efforts

Rikki Cheese

Sloan Channel bug problems blamed on cleanup efforts

CREATED Mar. 13, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors along the Sloan flood channel that runs from the back of Nellis Air Force Base, east to Lake Mead, acknowledge ongoing efforts to keep it clean. But, they insist those efforts are backfiring.

They say the method being used to clean the channel are contributing to an ongoing bug problem.

Ray Coble lives next to the channel. He disputes North Las Vegas' claim that cleanup efforts along the channel are working.

He says, "I don't recognize that. I really don't. They have machines running up and down all day long, every other day or two, and it's really not doing that much good."

Coble and his neighbors feel machines being used to break up clumps of algae that used to form in waste water flowing from North Las Vegas' new treatment plant into the county's flood channel just "disperse" the green matter. They feel that gives tiny bugs called midges more space to breed, and they claim the bug problem got worse as the weather warmed up.

Coble says, "You get outside and, you almost have to wear a mask at time, or suck bugs down your throat.

Sloan Channel neighbors may not see any relief any time soon.

North Las Vegas and Clark County recently settled their legal dispute over the use of the channel, with a deal to build a pipeline to carry treated waste water to Lake Mead, but a start date for the $15 million dollar project has not been set yet.