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Homeowners concerned over proposed changes to Henderson road

Homeowners concerned over proposed changes to Henderson road

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Mar 13, 2013
Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Some Henderson homeowners are afraid changes to a local road could have a big impact on their lives.
Dozens of homeowners in Tuscany Village rely on Mohawk Drive to get to their homes. Developer LandWell Company is requesting to vacate, or realign, remove and make private, parts of the road between Lake Mead Parkway and Galleria Drive in connection with plans to build a new community named Cadence. If approved, Tuscany drivers would not be able to use parts of the road anymore. 
"It is an economic and safety issue here," said Tuscany homeowner Phil Robertson. "It's not just a bunch of people who are crying fowl that they're going to have to drive another mile to get into their property."
Robertson said he's concerned changes will negatively impact access to his community, especially for first responders. Robertson said he's also worried changes to Mohawk could hurt property values and home sales in Tuscany.
In response to the neighbors' concerns, LandWell is proposing two alternate routes in hopes of moving forward with plans for Mohawk. The first proposal called for the design of a small, connector road named Pueblo to be constructed to the east of Mohawk; but neighbors were unhappy the design would not allow southbound traffic to make a left turn onto Lake Mead, according to project records obtained from the city.
The records show the developer then brought forth a second proposal which would create two linked roads to the west of Mohawk, connecting drivers between Galleria and Lake Mead, and allowing drivers to make a left turn onto Lake Mead. 
"With the turns you are implementing in this plan, that you're adding minutes to anybody's attempt to get emergency vehicles into the community," said Robertson.
Opponents of change have created a website and an online petition, which Robertson said has collected more than 400 signatures to keep the road as it is.
Homeowner Stanley Merritt said neighbors are willing to work with the developer.
"They just need to redesign the layout and everybody will be happy," said Merritt.
Action News reached out to LandWell, but no one was available to go on camera. Spokesman Matt Driscoll said the company wants to be a good neighbor, which is why it designed two proposed, alternate routes. Both plans would allow homeowners in Tuscany access between Galleria Drive and Lake Mead Parkway. The current Mohawk Drive would not see any changes until an alternate route is ready and open, Driscoll said. The second plan would add roughly one mile onto the current commute, according to project plans.
The Henderson Planning Commission is set to discuss and possibly make a recommendation on the issue at its meeting Thursday night. The city council will get the final say, which could come by April.
Michael Lopardi

Michael Lopardi

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Michael Lopardi is the featured reporter of the You Ask. We Investigate. franchise at Action News.