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Woman receives refund for mirror she paid for but didn't receive

Woman receives refund for mirror she paid for but didn't receive

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Mar 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- There's an old saying that you get what you pay for. But one local woman recently experienced just the opposite, when she forked over hundreds, and didn't get a thing. As Contact 13's Tricia Kean reports, that's when she decided to reach out to our Call for Action volunteers.

"This is a 6 foot by 7 foot solid mirror," says Marla Hill.
It may not seem like much, but Marla says her mirror is essential to her line of work. As the "Dress Doctor" she performs surgery on some rather important gowns. That's where the mirror comes in.
"They want to see how they look from every side, every angle. You can not see how beautiful you look, or how beautiful my work is on you, in a little bitty mirror," says Marla.
But getting it wasn't easy. Marla originally paid a Las Vegas store for a mirror back in January. Her receipt shows she handed over more than $300, including delivery and installation. But she quickly ran into some issues.
"The owner sold the truck that was supposed to deliver it," says Marla.
It turns out the store was going out of business. But Marla says the owner insisted he was still going to deliver.
"Went back and forth with the owner texting me, telling me don't worry about it baby, it will be fine," says Marla.
But it wasn't. She says the shop eventually closed its doors for good, and the owner stopped taking her calls.
"I was crying. I was crying like all the time. I want my mirror. I've already paid for it," says Marla.
With nowhere else to turn, Marla picked up the phone and contacted Call for Action. Our volunteers got a hold of the store owner, and a couple days later he paid Marla back.
"Channel 13 came through for me and I so appreciate it," says Marla.
She used her refund to buy a new mirror from a different store. And she's got her clients approval.
"When I get done with it, it's like that awe moment when she's happy and it's now the dress that she's dreamed of," says Marla.
So here's the contact 13 bottom line. Always keep your receipt or paperwork for any major purchase. That's what helped Marla in this case, but what didn't help was that she paid cash. Whenever you can use a credit card, which allows you to file a dispute against questionable charges.
If all else fails, don't forget we've got your back Las Vegas. Contact our Call for Action volunteers at 368-2255, anytime between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday.