Canine cop helps track down two burglary suspects

Canine cop helps track down two burglary suspects

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Mar 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A special team that Las Vegas police have on staff is getting some credit for helping in the arrest of two suspects wanted for trying to burglarize a woman's home while she was there.

That special team is made up of Metro's K-9 Unit, which has about 20 dogs who are highly skilled at catching criminals.

Boris may look and act like an ordinary dog, but every day he's out solving crimes and sniffing out bad guys.

"When he finds a person, his body language completely changes and I'm like, oh he's got somebody," said Officer DuWayne Layton.

Officer Layton has Boris trained to search, attack and chase on command.

"Boris is my partner. I'm the only one that works with him, I'm the only one that spends time with him. He lives with me at home, then he comes to work with me," said Officer Layton.

Together they helped catch two men who police said broke into a woman's garage.

The two suspects ran away and jumped walls in an effort to evade police, but they couldn't hide from Boris.

The suspects were found in a dumpster and are now behind bars.