Elementary school prepares for shift to year-round schedule

Elementary school prepares for shift to year-round schedule

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Mar 4, 2013

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Clark County School District announced last week that three schools will be going to a year-round schedule in the fall to ease overcrowding.

Action News went to Robert Forbuss Elementary in the southwest part of the Valley to find out how parents and staff are adjusting.

Students might not notice the change at Forbuss Elementary, but administrators have a lot to do now that they'll be shifting to a year-round schedule in the fall.

"The first thing is to staff each track, because on a nine month track, you just have teachers at every grade level and it's fairly easy to place kids in classes," said principal Shawn Pacquette. 

There's a lot more scheduling that has to happen now. CCSD is going to try to give families that have multiple students first preference, because they know that can be an issue.

"He's in junior high school, my daughter's in elementary school. Now I'm going to have kids on both schedules," said parent Bob Pool.

Since the district has no money to build new schools, this is a way to keep students in the schools they already know.

"As a last resort, it's fine with me. Because I didn't want to move my daughter. I love this school," said parent Robert Virgadamo.

"The school is handling about 1200 students right now, but there's a lot of construction in this area. And they're expecting about 1500 students next year. That's why this change had to be made.

They're already making use of 22 portable classrooms and a portable cafeteria.

"Something had to be done," Principal Pacquette said. "This decision will allow us to have 20 percent more capacity." 

It may not be a permanent change. If the legislature provides more capital funds, the nine-month schedule could be reinstated in a few years. 

But in the meantime, Forbuss staff are hoping parents and students will make the best of the situation.

"The scheduling is not everything," said Principal Pacquette. "They're still going to get the quality education they would on a nine-month schedule."