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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman defends meeting with North Korean leader

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman defends meeting with North Korean leader

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 4, 2013

(KTNV) -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is opening up this morning about his new "friend" North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The two were spotted at a basketball game.

The pictures went viral -- a former sports star inside the secretive communist North Korea sitting down with its reclusive leader.

Rodman's now spent more time talking to Kim Jon Un than any American leader.

The bizarre meeting happened just weeks after North Korea announced it had conducted a nuclear test and tensions between North Korea and United States are particularly high.

But, Rodman says that politics were not the point of his visit.

Rodman defended his statement that he loves Kim to George Stephanopolulous on ABC's "This Week."

He also said that the North Korean leader asked him to tell President Obama to call him.

Rodman says that he is going back to North Korea at some point.

There has been no word from the White House on whether President Obama will actually call Kim Jong Un or if they are any new lines of communication.

Rodman was in North Korea for an exhibition game between the Harlem Globetrotters and North Koreans. The final score was tied at 110.

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