Concerns raised over safety of 215 Beltway

Sharon Phalon-Smith

Concerns raised over safety of 215 Beltway

CREATED Feb. 27, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Four people, including two high school girls, have died in crashes along a stretch of the 215 Beltway. People who live in the area want to know why Clark County officials aren't doing more to make it safe.

Action News learned the county is aware of problems along the beltway between Lone Mountain and Jones, but major work to correct those problems may not begin until sometime in 2017.

Dangers drivers may not see at night are obvious in the light of day.

When asked about one of the problems, driving north on the beltway toward the Lone Mountain interchange, Bianca Smith said, "I think it's the progressive loss of the lanes."

Smith says there are few warning signs that northbound motorists will have to merge. Colton Haupts said speed is also factor when motorists drive the beltway as if it's the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Haupt said, "Speed limit's only 45, 55 and then 65 in some places"

Drew Tipton drew attention to the dirt-filled center median. He said, "It would probably be a lot safer with a concrete barrier with some reflectors at least on it to help people notice that there is a separation of lanes."

There have been three deadly accidents on a stretch of the beltway that's not lighted, takes sharp turns after steep declines, and doesn't have a concrete barrier to protect against oncoming traffic.

Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown says there's no fast way to fix the problem.

He told Action News, "Right now, our best projection is 2017."

Brown said the entire beltway was supposed to be done by 2015, but when tax revenues tanked with the recession, some projects had to be put aside.

Ongoing work between Jones and Tenaya was funded five years ago.

Still, Brown said, some fixes between Ann and Lone Mountain can be done now.

He told Action News, "Even the timing of the light, the green arrows, we can do that almost immediately, on demand."

Brown said he would talk to the county public works department on Thursday, to also see if better signage would help, until major work on beltway between Lone Mountain and Ann can be done.

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