Neighbors say closed restaurant attracts homeless people

Loni Blandford


Neighbors say closed restaurant attracts homeless people

CREATED Feb. 26, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Those living in one Valley neighborhood say an abandoned restaurant has become a homeless camp. They also say it's becoming a safety risk. So who is going to clean up this eyesore next door?

From beer bottles to 20-year old-checks, jeans, shoes and ripped couches, one can only imagine it isn't what big mama imagined her soul food rib shack would look like.

"It was good," said Robert Bushong.

Robert lives by the closed restaurant near Bonanza Road and Rancho Drive. He used to be a customer but since it closed about two years ago, he says the only people there are those who shouldn't be.

"You want to try and see the neighborhood built up it's not going to do it with something like this," said Robert.

James Jacobs owns condos across the street and is remodeling them to rent out.

"This definitely is not helping what I'm doing at all," said James.

James and Robert turned to Action News because they were frustrated the building has sat like that for so long.

"Somebody came out here one time and repainted it and then you see how long that lasted," said Robert.

We reached out to the City of Las Vegas who say they've had three code enforcement cases on the property in the last two years. When the city contacted the property owner, he cleaned it up. But recently, the building was tagged and trashed again. This time, the city says the owner did not respond to demands to clean it up.

"It's just not a good environment at all," said James.

As we were talking with James and Robert, a representative from a construction company was taking pictures of the restaurant. Days later, the eyesore is no more. The City contracted for the company to clean it up, but it will be the owner who gets the bill. 

"They just need to level it right off and sell the property," said Robert.

We also wanted to find the owner so we went to an address listed for the property owner at the Clark County Assessor's Office. It leads to a warehouse near Arville and Tropicana Avenue. When we asked, no one had ever heard of the owner. Now James and Robert hope the days of the building getting trashed and then cleaned up are over.

"Make it go away please," said James.

The city can do more to the building other than bring it up to code. So while it may be frustrating for those living around it, it's a reality that isn't changing anytime soon.

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