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iPhone app helps police track down robbery suspects

Katie Crowther

iPhone app helps police track down robbery suspects

CREATED Feb. 21, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A man was robbed of his wallet and cellphone at gunpoint in broad daylight and on a busy street. But thanks to the help of modern technology, police caught the suspects.

The man was walking near Eastern and Karen.

He was approached by two Hispanic male suspects, who demanded his backpack at gunpoint.

Police said the two thieves were Billy Barron and Adolph Guerrero.

After they took the man's backpack, they pistol whipped him.

The victim was able to run home to call 911.

"The patrol officers made contact with the victim and did the preliminary investigation, and were able to track the phone to a residential location, south of where the crime occurred," said Detective Chad Embry with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The officers were able to do that with the help of the app "Find My iPhone," which the victim had downloaded on his phone.

After getting a search warrant, they found the stolen phone and wallet inside a home that's tied to previous gang activity.

Barron and Guerrero were also there and were identified by the victim in a lineup.

Anyone with an iPhone can download the app.

LVMPD says if your phone is stolen, file a police report.

Officers also said it's a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings when you talk or text.

Cellphones and other electronics are prime targets because of their high price and high demand.