Victims of Christopher Dorner's rampage trying to heal

Katie Crowther

Victims of Christopher Dorner's rampage trying to heal

CREATED Feb. 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Although police say Christopher Dorner's "reign of terror" is over, there are people and families forever scarred, by his rampage.

Investigators believe four innocent people were killed at the hands of Dorner. A few others have lived to tell about the terror, of being held hostage by the fugitive.

Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain was allegedly ambushed by Dorner at a stop light.

The 34-year-old joined the Riverside police force in 2011, after serving two tours of duty in Kuwait, with the U.S. Marines.

Crain was laid to rest Wednesday. His widow was brave enough to speak to the thousands of people who packed his funeral.

"Every day we renewed our love,"  said Regina Crain. "I knew how much he loved me, and how much he loved our babies."

Crain's four-year-old daughter, and 10-year-old son will now grow up without their father.

Also leaving behind young children, is San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputy Jeremiah Mackay, who police say was shot and killed Tuesday, during a shoot-out with Dorner in the Big Bear Mountains.

The 35-year-old was married, with a seven-year-old daughter, and four-month old son.

Another victim, is the daughter of a former Los Angeles police captain. Monica Quan, 28, and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, 27, were gunned down in an Irvine parking structure. Their murders, are suspected to be one of Dorner's many vendettas.

In addition to the lives lost, are victims who survived, but will be forever tormented by Dorner's rampage of revenge.
Karen and Jim Reynolds, are speaking out, about being held hostage by Dorner in their Big Bear condo. They say he tied-them up, stuffed towels in their mouths, and eventually took off in their car.

Karen managed to make it to her cell phone, and called 911. That call triggered the standoff between law enforcement and Dorner.

The Reynolds say they came forward after false reports surfaced, that it was a pair of housekeepers that Dorner took hostage.