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Neighbors recall interactions with Christopher Dorner at his Las Vegas home

Molly Waldron

Neighbors recall interactions with Christopher Dorner at his Las Vegas home

CREATED Feb. 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Boards cover up the door and windows of a Southwest Las Vegas home where Christopher Dorner lived quietly.

Neighbor Lexi Gibson was asked, "You thought something was off about him?" She responded, "yes I couldn't figure it out because he would never open up."
Gibson is one of the few neighbors who knew Dorner - others are just too afraid to talk and posted signs on their front door that said, "no comment."
Gibson said he didn't talk about why he was in Las Vegas. "He didn't tell me anything," Gibson said. "He just said he worked over on the Navy base and he was an attorney and that was it."
Looking for more clues, the FBI raided Dorner's Las Vegas home where no weapons were found. The FBI carried out lots of empty boxes and neighbors said Dorner may have moved out about three weeks ago.
Neighbors said Dorner never revealed much about his personal life except that he had a short marriage and rocky relationship with an ex-girlfriend.
"He did tell me he was dating an lady and she got real crazy," Gibson said. "He had to get a restraining order against her."
That restraining order Dorner filed in Clark County Family Court last year. It said Dorner feared for his life and his obsessive ex-girlfriend called his cell phone more than 150 times in a few hours.
But when Gibson tried his phone today it was disconnected.
"I texted him and I said 'hey where have you been I haven't seen you lately' and no response," Gibson said.