Accused cop killer sends package to Anderson Cooper

Joyce Lupiani

Accused cop killer sends package to Anderson Cooper

CREATED Feb. 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Yet another twist in the saga of Christopher Dorner, the former cop who vowed to kill other cops and their kids.

In addition to the rambling multi-page manifesto that Dorner posted on Facebook after allegedly killing a police officer's daughter and her fiance, he apparently also sent a package to CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Cooper says he received the package a week ago before Dorner became the most wanted man in America.

Inside, a hand-labeled DVD with a posted note reading in part "I never lied," which was apparently a reference to being fired after reporting police brutality.

And more from Dorner's manifesto, vowing to track down 40 officers and their families"

"I know your route to and from home ... your significant other's routine .. your children's best friends and recess."

The manifesto also tells citizens not to help any cop that he shoots.

Dorner says "They would not do the same for you. Let the balance of loss of life take place."

The manifesto also describes Dorner's killing skills and how he was trained by the military and Los Angeles Police Department.

He says cops should not count on their bullet-proof vests to protect them. He writes that his weapons will penetrate their vests.