Teacher concerned over dangerous intersection near middle school

Molly Waldron

Teacher concerned over dangerous intersection near middle school

CREATED Feb. 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A lack of stop signs and parents making U-turns are raising safety concerns around a local middle school. Parents and teachers are wondering what it will take to get some changes.

The crossing signs are posted and the crosswalk is painted. But when it comes to student safety at Canarelli Middle School near Robindale and Torrey Pines, some say that's not enough.

"It really should be a four-way stop," said Kate O'Neil, a teacher at Canarelli. 

Kate turned to Action News, concerned about the danger to students crossing the street. 

"Even with the flashing lights that say 'School Zone,' you'll still see the through traffic on Robindale not stopping," she said.

The intersection is packed with cars as soon as school lets out. Parents we spoke with agree with the teacher that there should be a four-way stop at the intersection.

"They need to change something," said Nere Palyan, a parent.

"It almost needs a four-way stop there, instead of just a two-way," said another parent, Heather Mench. 

Clark County officials said a traffic study was completed at the intersection in November, which showed the intersection did not warrant any changes. There are flashing lights on Robindale warning drivers of the upcoming school zone.

Officials said they looked into two car crashes at the intersection. Both were the result of driver error, not the configuration of the intersection itself.