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Dirty Dining: Water Express snack bar

Darcy Spears


Dirty Dining: Water Express snack bar

CREATED Feb. 6, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Wherever there's food for sale, there could be dirty dining. This week, Chief Investigator Darcy Spears visits a store that primarily sells water, but what's in the water wasn't what health inspectors were concerned about.

On East Twain near Paradise, there's a little store called Water Express. A little store where the snack bar got a lot of demerits: 36 to be exact. That left them with a "C" grade, which inspectors say resulted from a repeat critical or major violation.

The place had no mop sink, no commercial sanitizer and no commercial pest control.

"Your snack bar is on Dirty Dining this week because of the health inspection, so we'd just like to see if we could talk to you about what happened and maybe get your side of why you got written up," Spears said to the man running the snack bar.

We'll get back to him in a minute... But first let's take a look at more of what they got written up for.

An employee was handling ready-to-eat melon with bare hands.

Hot dogs weren't hot enough and cheese had to be tossed out after inspectors found it sitting at room temperature.

Utensils? They were stored in standing water.

The handle on the ice scoop was broken. And the whisk and can opener were both rusted.

Inspectors found some grab and go food wasn't labeled, so if you grabbed it, you'd have no idea whether it was truly good to go.

Brown stains on a ceiling tile show there's a leak that could lead to mold, if it's not already growing up there.

Now, back to the guy behind the counter... The same guy inspectors found working with an expired health card.

Darcy: You can't talk to me?
Employee: I can't do it on camera.
Darcy: You can't do it on camera?  How come?  Because you don't want to?  Ok.

We try to ask if they've cleaned things up...

Darcy: Do you want to tell me...?
Employee: I'm going to ask you to leave politely.  I'm going to ask you to leave nicely, please.

And that's exactly what we do as he disappears out the back door. The same door they got written up for propping open without any way to keep flies or other pests out. Apparently, that violation is still ongoing.

The Water Express snack bar has not been reinspected yet so its still got a "C" grade. There were five closures in this week's batch of health inspections... But surprisingly, none of them had as many demerits as that snack bar.